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a video timing tool

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Frameskip is a video tool that lets you play videos frame-by-frame, and compare the difference between timestamps.

Comes standard with variable playback speeds, a timing table to easily compare the difference between points, and inconsistent video playback performance.

Frameskip contains no ads, In-App Purchases, or any data-collection. We believe tools like these should be free for anyone to use, however they wish.

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Open source libraries

Created with help from the open-source community:

The story

Frameskip was originally developed over a 2-day weekend. A science project in High School demanded the use of an app to view the precise milliseconds of a video. The recommended app required signing up for an account, which is of course, not a technical requirement to view milliseconds of a video. We created Frameskip out of frustration at this, and because we believed it would not be too difficult. A few years later, we completely re-made the app with a new, overhauled user experience. Today, Frameskip still being developed (...when google doesn't try kicking us off the store...) and is used by a proud community of a bunch of people in Brazil for some reason. We really do not know why. If you're from Brazil and you use our app, please contact us to tell us why.

Frameskip will remain free of cost and ads for as long as physically possible. View the privacy policy here. Source available upon request.

Release: 2019 // Android Application // Kotlin